Netanyahu: Lapid Wants Left-wing Government With Terror Supporters


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu blamed the Blue and White party for the failure to form a unity government.

During a meeting with the leaders of the Yesha Council, Netanyahu stated that “there’s a trick being played here. They are trying to us the failure to form a unity government. It’s all excuses. It’s not because of mistrust.

“It’s because Lapid doesn’t want you to set up such a government – he wants you to set up a left-wing government, a minority government where he can claim a rotation, or to run for election and he can then [be prime minister] in a rotation. He doesn’t want unity.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Some might make the argument that Netanyahu’s words are redundant, because a Left-wing government is inherently a supporter of terrorists, hence there is no need to say that a Left-wing government supports terror. But of course, a Left-wing government has many negative characteristics, hence Netanyahu must specify the negative characteristics that he would like to highlight to his audience.

  2. Lapid and netanyahu are bucket buddies. Every last call in britain is a barf. But in America we just frank to laugh. Maybe the Brits will rupture.

    Really. Man for man. Abraham is cut off and Terah’s idols reestablished.

    Netanyahu knows more about tel aviv strip bars and his son’s repute than the bible. What biblical lane is the strength either guys blood graded day?

    Bucket grade. Vomit. Its not kosher.

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