Netanyahu: My Job is to Prevent Future Holocaust

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Speaking at the opening of the annual Globes Business Conference, held in Yerushalayim, Israeli Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu said that the primary mission of any Israeli premier is to preserve state founded against all odds.

“During our visit to Yad Vashem,” Netanyahu continued, referring to Israel’s national Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem, “I told the PM from Moldavia that as Prime Minister, my first responsibility is to ensure that there are no more Yad Vashems. Most of the ancient nations of the world are gone. There are a handful of ancient nations like us; the Chinese, the Indians, and the Jews are the oldest [surviving] nations and cultures.”

“But we have been exiled from our land, and the other nations which were exiled have disappeared – the assimilated or were wiped out. We’re the only case of a people which returned [to its land], and against all the rules of history, established something tremendous here. My responsibility is to make sure that this [state] which has been restored is preserved.”

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  1. Bibi, you can’t prevent anything if the self-appointed-for-life judges are tying your hands behind your back. They’re the boss, not you. They’re the ones who make decisions, who run the country and politics. You’re just their puppet and cannot do whatever you want.

  2. What about the second holocaust of the reform? You contribute!

    We are not pagans. The enemy is half within.

    Glad he gets paid. Wow.


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