Netanyahu: No Further Easing Of Virus Restrictions Until Infections Go Back Down

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday there won’t be any further easing of coronavirus restrictions until a recent spike in infections is flattened, and warned that the government will resort to reapplying lockdowns to achieve that goal.

“There is no doubt that we need to stop the disease,” Netanyahu said at a ceremony to install the new director general at the Health Ministry. “The disease is coming back and we have, for the time being, finished with opening up more of the economy.

“There is no substitute for changing the public’s habits,” he added. “If that doesn’t happen, we will be forced to take more aggressive measures. That includes lockdowns, ‘breathing lockdowns’ which we will begin immediately, and also general actions for the populace,” he said, without elaborating.

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  1. What kind of infections is he talking about? Surely not the common infections that will only go away when Moshiach comes, so it must be the infections of the Invisible Enemy, i.e. the Deep State / Cabal in Israel, aka the Mossad, whom they are currently eradicating; hence all these thousands of “corona infections” in Israel.

    • Take your pills, man ! If you ran out of your supply, see your shrink !

      305 Yidden died in EY due to coronavirus infection. 122,000 people died of corona in the US. All confirmed fatalities attributed to the coronavirus.

      • Do you have names of the 305 people in EY and 122,000 in the US who died of coronavirus or you just dumbly believe fake news? FYI 90% of those who “died” were executed and the rest died of other sickness or were murdered in hospitals.

        BESIDES, can YOU tell us what is a coronavirus infection? Doctors don’t seem to know. Do you? They’re telling you it’s a corona infection and you believe them blindly. Why don’t you ask them what exactly the infection is all about? You’ll be in for a surprise when they’ll tell you it’s the common flu.


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