Netanyahu Praises US Bill Slashing Aid To PA Over Terror Payments


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the new US law slashing aid to the Palestinians over payments to convicted terrorists and their families, describing it as a “powerful signal” in his weekly address to the Cabinet on Sunday.

“The American Congress has passed the Taylor Force Act…designed to deny to the Palestinian Authority hundreds of millions of dollars they invest in encouraging terrorism and lavish on terrorist families and the murderers themselves,” Netanyahu said about the Act, set to withhold a large chunk of Washington’s financial aid to the Palestinian leadership unless they stop this procedure.

“I think that this is a very powerful signal from the US which is changing the rules,” the prime minister added, thanking the US President Donald Trump for signing the legislation and for exposing “lie after lie and standing up on truth after truth.”

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  1. I ask is Israel still paying the PA protection money, and all the free electricity so the prime minister should no worry what US is doing why doesn’t he first look in his own house. When he corrects his own house then he can comment on others.


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