Netanyahu Rattles Off Declaration of Independence Baal Peh

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netanyahu1After meeting with leaders of the American Jewish community Sunday evening, Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, clad in sportive attire, went on a sunset stroll through Washington DC.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated that during the one hour and a half outing, the couple walked by historical landmarks that include Former US Presidents Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial sites and the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

“The prime minister and his wife discussed the history of the United States during their stroll, and from time to time stopped to look at the scenery and the river. When they reached the Jefferson Memorial, the prime minister recited by heart the US Declaration of Independence,” the Prime Minister’s Office wrote in a statement.

The statement also noted that passers-by cheered the prime minister and his wife as they ascended the staircase leading up to the Lincoln Memorial. The couple responded by waving to the crowd, the statement said.

After the stroll, Netanyahu went back to work and held a meeting with his advisors at the Blair House -the official state guest house in Washington – ahead of his speech at the AIPAC conference on Monday evening and at the US Congress on Tuesday.

Netanyahu on Sunday expressed his satisfaction from Obama’s speech, saying “I share the president’s wish to promote peace and I appreciate his past and present efforts to achieve this goal.

“I am determined to work with President Obama in order to find ways to resume the peace negotiations. Peace is a vital necessity for us all,” the prime minister said.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. Whether he can quote it baal peh or not is not the issue. The issue is, does he truely believe in what the Declaration of Independence stands for?

  2. Was it the Declaration of Independence or the Pledge of Allegiance? (The former is probably about 850-900 words whereas the latter is just 31 words) Besides, what purpose woulsd it present to recite the Declaration of Independece?

  3. #2 without a doubt and more.

    We can show pride and respect for his amazing speech and kavod to am yisroel.

  4. Could people be a little more circumspect in showing lack of appreciation for a sitting president? Can Matzav come to some kind of policy and let us know?


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