Netanyahu Ready To ‘Consider’ US Proposal On Israeli-Palestinian Peace


Prime Minister Netanyahu said Sunday he is ready to “consider” the forthcoming US peace plan to resolve the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We will consider the American proposal in a fair and open way,” he said as he hosted US national security adviser John Bolton ahead of a summit in Bahrain where Washington plans to unveil economic details of its long-awaited Middle East peace plan.

Palestinians have already rejected the plan and are boycotting the economic roll-out this week in Bahrain, citing blatant bias in favor of Israel.

“I don’t understand how the Palestinians rejected the plan even before knowing what it contained,” said Netanyahu. “That’s not how you move forward.”

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  1. Even the Arabs in the region can’t stand the Palestinians. They consider them lower class Arabs and regard them as inferior, uncivilized, cruel, and above all angry, bitter and constantly whining.


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