Netanyahu: Reform Jews Deserve Israel’s ‘Audacious Hospitality’ At the Kosel

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koselIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu rolled out a welcome mat for Reform Jews at the Kosel yesterday, in a speech delivered to the final plenary of the movement’s Biennial meeting in San Diego.

“While the Wall may be in Israel,” he told the gathering in a satellite address from Yerushalayim, “it belongs to all of you, it belongs to you and to all the Jewish people, and I am committed to making sure that all Jews feel at home in our holiest site.”

Netanyahu thanked Union of Reform Judaism President Rick Jacobs for his efforts to help negotiate a compromise in the heated battle around the Women of the Wall: “No compromise is ever perfect,” Netanyahu said. “But I am convinced that because of the work we are doing together we will ensure that the Kotel will be a place of unity, not division, unity, where all Jews feel at home.”

The Kosel, he said “is about what Israel has always stood for and what it has always stand for, that Israel is and must continue to be the homeland of the entire Jewish people. That’s the place where all Jews, including Reform Jews, experience nothing less than ‘audacious hospitality.'” Read more here.

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  1. Chaim has it right. What makes Reform or Conservative for that matter any better than messianic congregations coming to conduct services at the Kotel? Or why stop there why limit worship access to Jews why not have access for Christians or Moslems?
    Additionally these folks only make an issue about the Kotel and say nothing about Kever Rachel or the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron etc? More curious is Reform making an issue about the Kotel when Reform doctrine denies or at best debates Mashiach and the restoration of the Temple service. So Reform’s relationship to the site is dubious at best and renders their protest for equality disingenuous. Mr. Prime Minister time to stand up and assert standards. And if Reform is going to withhold support by being denied then where is their ahavat Yisrael?

  2. They’re welcome! But!!! Why don’t they go to a modern wall with pictures and modern art artifacts ? Why do they need an old blaaaa one?

  3. Reform is not Judaism, it is a lie told to many Jews and non-Jews alike. It is a phony concoction of perverted ideas that some fools compiled and called a religion, they even said that it was Judaism! Don’t believe them. The phony leaders of this phony religion don’t believe in Hashem and they certainly don’t believe in Hashem’s Torah. Their “laws” are man made and changed at their annual conventions.

  4. Don’t worry. I can assure you that Reform Jews will not come flocking in masses because of Bibi’s offer of audacious hospitality.
    Few of the have ever even bothered to ever step foot in Israel.

  5. An above commenter commented that Bibi needs to set some standards, but the p.m. seems not to have any standards & gives in to most everything. Was not that long ago, that the Reform movement did not even recognize Jerusalem and Zion in their prayer books. Now they want control of it. Their chutzpah is shameless. The answer is that it’s all part of the new agenda of deJewizing Israel altogether.


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