Netanyahu Said To Back Bennett Forming Coalition In Return For Legal Protections

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With just one day remaining for him to form a coalition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly agreed to a plan that would allow Yamina party head Naftali Bennett to try and put together a right-wing government, in return for him committing to a series of measures that could help the premier put an end to his ongoing criminal trial.

While Yamina’s negotiating team was meeting with representatives of the Yesh Atid party last week, Channel 12 news reported Sunday, Bennett and Netanyahu held a secret meeting, not disclosed to the media, where they discussed the details of a potential rotation government between the two.

According to a Walla news report Monday, Netanyahu offered to back Bennett to put together a coalition and be prime minister first in a rotation if the Yamina leader committed to giving Likud control over the Justice Ministry and passing a law that would allow the lawmakers to override Supreme Court decisions striking down Knesset legislation.

Read more at Times of Israel.



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