Netanyahu Says Israel Aims To Inoculate 150,000 People Per Day

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Israel aims to increase its vaccination pace to 150,000 people per day by the end of the coming week, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday.

The PM said he had been told it was possible to keep the logistics in line with the inoculation pace, and that Israel was set to be world’s fastest-vaccinating nation.

Netanyahu said that one month after the goal had been reached, some 4.5 million Israelis will already have received at least their first jab, with both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines being delivered as two shots.

The PM also claimed that over 2.25 million people will have received both shots in the same period.

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  1. He got the real deal and I plan to get it too! sorry you live in looney land where 5G cameras are following you… B”h I live in a place where hashem watches over me and sent a refuah for a maka that we all suffered from… The big Rabbomin, Rebbes, Dr. And wise people of this generation All agree its unknown risks out wight the known risks of Covid to bad they didn’t ask you first… And yes I think 5G network is great much less radiation then 4G (-:


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