Netanyahu Says Jews Will Remain In Chevron ‘Forever’

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered Wednesday evening a historic, albeit controversial, public address at a state ceremony in the city of Chevron, announcing that “Chevron will not be free of Jews.”

The state memorial service, which commemorated the Jewish victims of the 1929 Arab riots, was the first time an Israeli leader made a public address in the flashpoint city where less than 1,000 Jewish settlers live within a city of 200,000 Palestinians.

“We have accomplished historical justice, and returned to the city of the patriarchs,” Netanyahu said. “I’m proud that my government approved the Jewish Quarter Plan a year ago to build dozens of new housing units for Chevron Jews. We do not come to dispossess anyone, but nobody will dispossess us either.”

Netanyahu further stated: “We are not foreigners in Chevron — we will stay here forever.”

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  1. How ironic that the same Natanyahu , who GAVE AWAY parts of Chevron to the Arabs in January of 1997 , should be the one to make this claim??????


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