Netanyahu Says Palestinian Authority Must Pay For Gaza Fire Kite Damage

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday instructed his national security chief to put forward plans to deduct from the Palestinian Authority (PA) money spent on repairing damage caused by burning kites sent into Israel from Gaza.

Several large blazes have broken out of the last month after Palestinians in the coastal enclave flew burning kites carrying flammable liquid into Israeli territory.

“I have instructed National Security Council head Meir Ben Shabbat to advance a system to deduct from Palestinian Authority funds the compensation that Israel will pay Gaza border communities for the damage cause by recent arson attacks,” Netanyahu tweeted later Sunday.

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  1. If you cannot even collect payment for the electricity the Palestinian Authority use and have been using for years, how are you planning to get them to pay for the fire kite?

    Bibi is trying to act like Trump, the greatest President in the history of the US. Forget it, Bibi. You’re a politician, you’re a lost case, you’re weak like a dog always looking back to its master, which is what you do, always looking back to your master – what would the EU say? what would the UN say? what would the US say? If only Trump can replace you.

  2. I don’t understand.
    Is there no way to burn down the agriculture fields in Gaza as payment for what these animals are doing to the fields in Israel?


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