Netanyahu Secretly Meets Jordan’s King Abdullah Over Har Habayis Tension


jordans-king-abdullah-iiIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah met secretly in Amman in an effort to ease tensions over the Temple Mount.

According to a report published in Kuwait’s Al-Jarida newspaper on Monday, the two leaders agreed to increase coordination between the Israeli government and the Jordanian Waqf, which oversees the Temple Mount site under the terms of the 1995 Israel-Jordan peace treaty.

The report also said that Netanyahu’s statement on Saturday night calling on Israeli politicians to ease their rhetoric on the Temple Mount was directly related to his meeting with Abdullah.

Last week, Israel temporarily closed the Temple Mount to all worshippers after an Arab man’s attempted assassination of activist Yehudah Glick, a promoter of Jewish access to the Temple Mount. The preventative move came against the backdrop of weeks of increased Muslim riots and assaults on Jewish residents, including the recent Palestinian terror attack on a Jerusalem light rail station that killed two people. But after pressure from U.S. and Muslim leaders, the Israeli police decided to re-open the Temple Mount ahead of Muslim prayers on Friday.


{ Israel}


  1. as reported elsewhere meeting took place on shabbos or mot”sh (with certain chillul shabbos involved @ many turns). kudos to bibi for placing public safety above shemiras shabbos.not. dont know what it will take to get the PM to understand that the security situation we have is (at least partly) a result of current anti-Torah policy by state. and no, im not a navi for those who may inquire. (just connecting the dots). wish we”d have more unity to be able to fight this common enemy. k’ish echad b”lev echad

  2. While I’m not a big fan of bibi, who knows if this not a case of pkuach nefesh. Some misguided people are playing with fire & everyone is suffering. Bibi is only trying to calm things down…

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