Netanyahu Set for Whirlwind Uganda Trip Monday, Amid Speculation African Nation May Open Yerushalayim Embassy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni, in Nairobi, Kenya, on November 28, 2017. Photo by Haim Zach / GPO ***HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES*** *** Local Caption *** ??? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???? ? ??????? ???? ??? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ?????? Yoweri Museveni

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to fly to Uganda tomorrow, with speculation rife that during his visit the African country will announce the establishment of an embassy in Yerushalayim.

According to Israeli news website Walla, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed the trip on Sunday. Netanyahu is set to meet with Ugandan and other African leaders during the trip.

The latest visit comes amid a flurry of international activity by Netanyahu, who in the past week visited both the United States for the unveiling of the Trump administration’s peace plan and Russia to brief President Vladimir Putin on the plan.

Netanyahu has long sought to expand Israel’s economic and security relations with African nations, and this will be his fourth visit in four years to the continent. Among the countries he has visited are Uganda, Kenya, Rawanda, Liberia, and Ethiopia.

Uganda is particularly significant to Netanyahu, as his brother Yonatan was killed in the 1976 IDF rescue operation that saved hostages being held at Entebbe airport in the African country.

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  1. Is he planning to finally create a Zionist country in Uganda, as per Theodor Herzl’s vision, and move all Zionists from Israel over?


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