Netanyahu: Still No Agreement With Trump On Settlements

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu reportedly told MKs from his Likud party on Monday that he still has not reached an agreement with President Donald Trump regarding the construction of new homes in West Bank settlements, TOI reports.

Netanyahu said that although he is working with the White House to establish a “mechanism” for coordinating settlement construction, “things are not as simple as you think they are,” unnamed participants in the Likud faction meeting told the Haaretz daily. Trump’s presidency “is a historic opportunity, but [we] need to know the limits of this opportunity,” Haaretz quoted Netanyahu as saying.


  1. Israel has 2 kings now and it is certainly bad for a PM of one country to wait for permission to build on his own land from a king from another country. You ask who really is the king and who is the servant. Maybe Israel should start looking for a real king and a true Israeli government.


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