Netanyahu Tells Esther Pollard: Time for Jonathan’s Freedom

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jonathan-pollardIsraeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met today with Esther Pollard, wife of Jonathan Pollard. Former US Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb and Effie Lahav, head of the Committee to Free Jonathan Pollard, also attended the meeting.

At the start of the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “The time has long since come for Jonathan to go free. This issue will come up during President Obama’s visit. It has already been raised countless times by myself and others, and the time has come for him to go free.”

Esther Pollard said, “Jonathan can’t go on anymore. This is a golden opportunity now that the President of the United States is coming. If not now, when?” {ARUTZ SHEVA}

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  1. How little he will resemble the famous photo of himself, after all these horrible years in prison. Don’t forget,this is a very old picture. Let’s daven as if he was our blood relative. He is.

  2. The very fact that has not published my dissenting comment is proof of this site’s built-in bias.

    As long as a comment toes the accepted party line then it will see the light of day. Try to express any that differs from that and the writer is damned.

    I say again, “If people are so keen on seeing Pollard out of jail how is it that no one – but no one – has ever convinced him to apply for parole or a pardon himself?”

    What’s so seditious about that?

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