Netanyahu: The State Of Israel Will NOT Be A Halakhic State


Prime Minister Netanyahu took to Twitter Monday afternoon to respond to a statement by Member of Knesset Betzalel Smotrich, who is vying for the newly opened Justice Minister position in order to return Israel to a “Torah State.”

“The State of Israel will not be a halakhic state,” Netanyahu wrote definitively.

Smotrich’s statement fueled Netanyahu’s opposition from Lieberman’s camp and the left who believe that the charedim have too much power in the government.

{Matzav.coom Israel News}



    • Relax… you really think that they can make a halachic state in this world in 2019?? It’s amazing how foolish you are. Gonna have to wait for moshiach (iyh in our days)

  1. Secular Zionism rearing its ugly head…. this is why we daven for משיח and a clear reminder that Netanyahu is not our salvation only preferred more than the liberal bitter anti chareidi camp

  2. So this is nothing. We need a kosher state. Halacha is a halachaic moon.

    Who ever denanded a ‘halachaic’ state did us clear harm. Israel must only note kosher state. Halacha incorporates.

    Help Israel. Demand kosher. We do not otherwise survive.

  3. You are right Netanyahu – NOT YET
    But that will happen soon when Moshiach comes!!!
    But then you will be watching from the sidelines
    And your evil Supreme Court justices will watch in shame
    And then you will all be sorry for this statement you made

  4. Certainly not!!! Chas V’Shalom that the State calling itself the “jewish”state (which passed a law claiming that it is the home of the Jewish People) should identify in any way with the Torah!! WHEN WILL THE RELIGIOUS JEWS FINALLY STOP GIVING UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT TO A STATE THAT IS AT WAR WITH HASHEM AND THE TORAH???

    • If all Frum Yidden would VOTE, and vote for the Frum Parties, perhaps we will have a greater say in the government

      • Very right,
        The frum Yidden who don’t vote make up more than 1 knesset seat. Meaning that if all frum Yidden would have voted in the previous elections, we could have formed a coalition without Liberman. Thus, the Gzeiras Hagiyus would have been history.

  5. that is my question exactly. the only right we have to EY is because HaShem promised it to us. if someone does not chas v’sholom believe in the supremacy of the Torah, then its a big chutzpah to claim israel as the country of the jews. one has no right to pick and choose

  6. Rav yalov kaminetsky ztl saoid israel has a din of umos haolam.agoyishe state which have a lot of jewish born members of parliament

  7. Who said it’s supposed to be a halachic state? Did moshiach come already? Do we have a sanhedrin? I live in Yerushalayim and I’m very appreciative of the fact that I can live here in relative peace.(Go Bibi! Compared to what ur up against) I hope and pray that everyone will recognize Hashem and adhere to his word b’meheira b’yameiynu Amen!!!

  8. “Smotrich’s statement fueled Netanyahu’s opposition from Lieberman’s camp and the left who believe that the charedim have too much power in the government.”

    One problem: Smotrich isn’t chareidi.


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