Netanyahu: ‘The Tragedy is a Great One’


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made his first public reference last night to the helicopter crash in Romania that killed six IAF airmen and a Romanian observer in the course of an aerial exercise.

Speaking at the 37th annual graduation ceremony at the College for National Security, he said: “I express the entire nation’s participation in the feelings of worry over the fate of IDF soldiers, men of the IAF, who are missing in the disaster in Romania.”

“The Nation of Israel is gravely worried over its finest sons who were on an important mission on behalf of the IDF and the State,” he said. “We do not have all of the details but at this moment we can say that the tragedy is a great one.”

Read more at Arutz Shevah.

{Arutz Shevah/ Israel}


  1. why is the news about Israeli serviceman , written so low on your news info ,after an article about cooking oil!?


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