Netanyahu To AG: ‘Your Inaction Will Legitimize Spilling Of My Blood’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a scathing letter Tuesday to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit concerning the threats recently launched at him and his family.

“Your inaction in wake of calls to murder me and my family members, and the threats to rape my wife, are no less than scandalous legitimacy to spill our blood,” Netanyahu wrote as cited by outlet N12.

“We thought all the red lines were crossed — it turns out we were wrong,” the premier stipulated.

Continuing the harsh rhetoric, Netanyahu added that “I want to hope that unlike all your previous answers, this time you will reply appropriately, and without another bureaucratic twisting rejection letter that screams from bias, inaction and selective non-enforcement.”

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  1. Unless he does a complete Tshuvah by reversing his previous evil actions, AG Mandelblit should remove his Kippah. That would reduce the Chilul HASHEM.


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