Netanyahu to Incoming US Jewish University Students: ‘Go Against the Lies, Tell the Truth About Israel’ On Campus


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently urged a group incoming American Jewish university students to “go against the lies” and “tell the truth about Israel” on campus during a meeting in Jerusalem organized by the American Jewish Congress (AJC).

Netanyahu told five alumni of the AJC Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT) high school advocacy program to “confront people who are swept into positions that defy facts, knowledge, and common sense” and “combine conviction with fact” when advocating for Israel.

“You have nothing to hide,” Netanyahu said. “You have everything to be proud of.”

The students had the opportunity to question the prime minister about Israel’s standing in the international community and his experiences as a long-term leader of the country.

One student asked Netanyahu about his position on Jerusalem, to which the premier responded, “We are the only people that view Jerusalem as their capital.”

“[O]nly under Israel, only in the last 50 years since Israel became the sovereign power over the religious sites, all three faiths [Judaism, Christianity and Islam] have had unimpeded access to their holy sites and unfettered ability to practice their faith,” he continued.

The students who met with Netanyahu included Molly Shapiro, Ryan Berger, Ali Malehorn, William Scherr and Brett Zaslavsky.

This past academic year, pro-Israel students on campuses worldwide were targeted by vandals; confronted a convicted Palestinian terrorist; dealt with shout-downs of events featuring Israeli diplomats; were forced to call for police assistance in the face of protests; and fought persistent boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns.

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  1. Us to Netanyahu – go against the lies that the chilonim promote and promote the truth of the tora don’t be selective in your supposed pursuit of the truth


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