Netanyahu To Meet Bennett Thursday, Vows To Seek End To ‘Cycle Of Elections’

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Having been formally tasked with assembling a government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set out Tuesday to secure an elusive ruling majority, scheduling a meeting with Yamina chief Naftali Bennett and reportedly offering senior positions to potential ‘defectors’ from parties that oppose him.

After lawmakers in the 24th Knesset were sworn in Tuesday, Netanyahu urged political parties to end their “personal boycotts” and join his government, vowing to make “every effort” to end the “cycle of elections” and establish a “strong government for all of Israel’s citizens.

“This won’t be a government of paralysis, but rather a government of action,” he said at a Likud faction meeting. “To do this, the government must be united, both in policy and action. And to create it, we must first end the personal boycotts.”

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