Netanyahu To Merkel: ‘Iran Tried To Commit A Terror Attack In Europe’


Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu blasted the Iran deal during a summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday.

“I opposed the deal with Iran, because in my opinion it is paving its way to a nuclear arsenal and giving billions to the initiators of terror and not to Iranian citizens,” Netanyahu told Merkel, who has been a vocal proponent of the Iran deal.

Netanyahu pointed out that Israel had recently foiled an attempted terror attack in Europe and urged Merkel and other European leaders to crack down on the Islamic Republic.

“Iran’s aggression has spread to Europe,” alleged Netanyahu. “Iran has planned terrorist attacks in Europe, and Israeli intelligence has given European intelligence agencies information about attempted attacks in Europe,” he said, adding: “I believe that all nations should unite against Iran.”


Read more at Arutz Sheva.




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