Netanyahu To Urge Cabinet To Extend Lockdown By Two More Weeks

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As Israel’s corona cabinet meeting is slated to convene Tuesday at 1 pm, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will push to extend the nationwide lockdown for another two weeks.

According to outlet Maariv, the premier held talks Monday with Health Ministry officials and head of the National Security Council Meir Ben Shabbat as all sides agreed that an extension beyond January 21 was required due to rising morbidity figures.

Replying to criticism of a universal lockdown, Netanyahu said that “a localized lockdown does not work and did not work anywhere except for Australia, which is a very large country. Boosted enforcement, lockdown and vaccinations are the things that work,” Maariv reported.

During the cabinet meeting, a pessimistic scenario that forecasts a large wave of COVID-19 infections in March and April is expected to be presented to the ministers, broadcaster Channel 12 reported.

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  1. Netanyahu knows that the coronavirus will be shot out of the country within 2 weeks and nobody will become sick again – ever ever ever. Just like in Quebec Canada they know that the virus only appears between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and Ontario Canada which is a province near Quebec it’s so bad, they have to be locked down completely for 3 weeks and one can only leave the home for essentials, like in Australia.

  2. As if it’s helping. There was just a write up that when the virus is upto here then these lockdowns have no purpose as is obvious. Our children have been home now for two weeks and the rise of coronavirus patients just proves that we just need to daven and take precaution on a personal level; not let it take our lives over. I just think that the israeli transportation authority has a lot of plans in regards to road construction etc. and they want the roads cleared to finish their jobs..


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