Netanyahu Trial Judges Double Down: Bribery Charge Will Be Hard To Prove

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A public body tasked with investigating judicial misconduct rejected a complaint against the three judges presiding over Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s corruption trial.

Uri Shoham, head of the Ombudsman’s Office of the Israeli Judiciary, accepted the judges’ position that they had “not shied away from conducting the trial” or formed a prior opinion in favor of the defense.

Case 4000 is considered the most serious of the three cases in the Netanyahu trial. It involves allegations that Netanyahu entered into an arrangement with businessman and former owner of the telecom giant Bezeq Shaul Elovitch in which Netanyahu would promote Elovitch’s business interests and Elovitch, in return, would provide positive media coverage of Netanyahu at Walla News, owned by Bezeq at that time.

The judges offered their private opinion after hearing all of the prosecution’s witnesses, Shoham noted in his argument rejecting the complaint.


The presiding judges, Rebecca Friedman-Feldman, Moshe Bar-Am and Oded Shaham, also issued a statement that they were conducting the trial with neutrality and restraint.

Attorney Amiram Gill, who submitted the complaint, said he remained concerned about the conduct of the trial: “Before Israel becomes Sicily, it is time for the prosecution to seriously consider expressing a public position against the way the case is being handled. If you don’t do so in real-time, the prosecutor’s office may approve a process whose outcome is becoming known in advance.” JNS


  1. Were any of the bribe-taking judges in Israel ever indicted?


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