Netanyahu Warns Gaza Terrorists: Don’t Test Us

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netanyahuIsraeli air and ground forces launched a series of strikes against six terror targets in Gaza Strip this week, following the killing of an Israeli civilian in a border shooting attack.

Israeli aircraft, tanks and infantry targeted several terror sites in Gaza Strip, including a weapons-manufacturing facility and terror infrastructure in southern Gaza, terror infrastructure in central Gaza and two rocket launching sites in northern Gaza.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said: “This is a very serious incident and we will not leave it unanswered. Our policy until now has been to act beforehand and to respond with force, and this is how we will act regarding this incident as well.”

“I suggest no one tests us. Anyone who has tried was struck down and anyone who will try will be struck down,” Netanyahu said.

“We will not allow the disruption of normal life in southern Israel and we will react forcefully to any attempt to harm Israelis. I strongly recommend that Hamas not test our patience. If there is no peace in Israel, there will be no peace in Gaza Strip,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said. “The majority of these [terror attacks] is the work of lone terrorists, people who are influenced by the incitement and the hatred the Palestinian Authority is fostering against Israel,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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