Netanyahu: What Are You Going to Talk About with an Enemy that Seeks Your Destruction?

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netanyahu1Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told “Face the Nation” Sunday: “President Abbas…made a giant leap backwards, away from peace, because he embraced Hamas that calls for the extermination of Jews worldwide, for the eradication of Israel, and actually acts on a daily basis against peace by firing thousands of rockets against Israel, having sent scores of suicide bombers against us, digging tunnels to kidnap our soldiers and citizens. All sorts of horrible things with Hamas….These are the people who praise bin Laden as a holy warrior. These are the people who condemn the United States for killing bin Laden.

“We will not negotiate with a government that is backed by Hamas, an organization that is committed to our destruction. It’s common sense. Of course. I mean, you want to make peace with an enemy, but only with an enemy that’s decided to make peace. An enemy that seeks your destruction, what are we going to talk about, the method of our self-annihilation?”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. What an incredible vacuous windbag. If you could bottle all the hot air, empty threats and unfulfilled promises that come out of that pie-hole you could replace nuclear energy.


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