Netanyahu: What We Did For Cell Phones, We’ll Do For Food


cell-phonePrime Minister Bibi Netanyahu yesterday promised that his government will continue to pursue measures to lower food prices, according to a Globes report.

At a cabinet meeting, Bibi said, “What we did for the telecommunications market, cutting mobile prices and opening the market, we’ll now do for the food market, by lowering prices for food products.”

Commenting on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for September, which was unchanged, Netanyahu, according to Globes, said, “Reports and forecasts said that Israel’s citizens would pay more during the holiday month, but the CPI, which was published last month, was unchanged. This was due to the measures we took to lower the cost of living. From last month, 250,000 preschoolers are receiving free education, not to mention free detail care and many other things.”

The cabinet discusses the Kedmi Committee’s recommendations on the dairy market and approving an agreement reached by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture on lowing the target price of raw milk and streamlining the dairy sector.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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