Netanyahu’s Cabinet Adopts Resolution To Prevent Collapse Of The Palestinian Authority

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s cabinet on Sunday voted to adopt a proposed resolution that would see Israel work to prevent the collapse of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The resolution, brought forward to the cabinet by the prime minister himself, was adopted by an 8-1 margin, with 1 minister abstaining from the vote.

Netanyahu’s proposal calls for the Israeli government to help save the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank while working to fight the PA’s measures that harm the Jewish state.

“In the absence of a change in the national assessment, Israel will work to prevent the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, while advancing the claim to cease its activities against Israel in the international legal-political arena, from the incitement in its media and education systems, from payments to the families of terrorists and murderers, and from the illegal construction in Area C,” the proposal reads.

In a statement following the vote, the cabinet made clear that Israeli security forces would “continue to act with determination to thwart terrorism.”

The adoption of the proposal comes at a time where the Palestinian Authority has struggled to maintain its authority in parts of the northern West Bank.

Palestinian terrorist groups have taken advantage of the vacuum left behind by the PA, with Iranian-backed militias using cities such as Jenin as a base to plan and carry-out terror attack against Israelis in the West Bank and across Israel. –i24 News


  1. I can’t believe this is considered a good idea. I guess it’s better than complete chaos, as opposed to the current chaos?

  2. And for this reason they allow them to keep weapons and rockets and support them financially and then “suddenly” they “find” hidden rockets. Didn’t we tell you that the Mossad needs them to for their purposes….
    John F. Kennedy: “I would like to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”

  3. Are they trying to prevent terrorists from taking over a government that’s no more crazier than the Weimar Republic which became Nazi Germany when it collapsed?


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