Netherlands Jewish Leader Robbed And Tortured In Home Invasion


A Netherlands Jewish leader was assaulted, tortured and robbed in his home by four masked men in an apparent planned operation.

Benoit Wesly, a 73-year-old businessman, woke up early Sunday morning to find the assailants around his bed. Wesly was beaten, pushed down the stairs, stabbed and kicked, according to the report. Then the men tied him to a chair, placed a piece of cloth over his mouth and nose, and poured water on the cloth — a torture technique known as waterboarding that simulates drowning — until he gave them the combination to his safe, Wesly told police.

Police are investigating the motives for the crime. Reports about the incident did not indicate whether they or Wesly have reason to believe he was targeted because of his Jewishness. Wesly is a leader of the Jewish community in the Limburg region, in the south of the Netherlands.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. It is high time for Jews to leave the Netherlands and the entire “toilet bowl region” known as europe and come to America where Judaism flourishes and can be practiced freely without policeman pulling on your payis!

  2. I hear a new song in my head: We Are Leaving. Mass exodus of Yidden around the world to the heiliger land. We need to leave or HKBH will make us want to leave. This is it. Hashem is gathering us.


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