Neturei Karta Kook Accused of Spying for Iran Is “Newly Religious”

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neturei-karta-spyA resident of Yerushalayim and a member of the so-called “Neturei Karta” group, which calls itself Orthodox Jewish but has long been rejected by the mainstream chareidi world, has been charged with offering himself as a spy to the Iranian government.

According to the indictment, the man, who is being charged with contacting a foreign agent and intention to commit treason, had contacted the Iranian government and offered his services as a spy.

Yair Nehorai, the lawyer for the defendant, remarked that “We need to remember that no damage was done to the state or any other element and that the events occurred over two years ago.”

Back in January 2011, the defendant boarded a flight to Berlin and a day later visited the Iranian embassy, which had been closed. He went again a day later and asked for a meeting.

At the offices, he met three unknown people, including a person who introduced himself as “Haji Baba.” The defendant told them that he was an Israeli and a member of the Neturei Karta, adding that his group does not recognize the State of Israel.

The man said that he aims to replace the current Israeli government with one controlled by non-Jews and then offered the Iranians to gather information about Israel for them.

During the conversation, reports Yediot, he asked the Iranians why they are not able to protect their people from Israeli assassination missions. He was chastised for insulting Iran and said that he is willing to murder a Zionist.

At the end of the meeting, the man was informed that higher officials needed to be consulted on the matter. “Haji Baba” gave him a note with an Iranian email account and instructed him to check it for a message from them. The defendant returned to Israel four days later and checked the email account at an internet café in Yerushalayim. He also used public payphones to call the embassy in Berlin.

This man is said to be part of “moderate” faction of Neturei Karta, titled “Torah Veyirah,” which, ironically, is against cooperation with the Arab world against Israel even though it is still opposed the existence of the State of Israel.

People who know the man have called him “eccentric,” “reclusive,” and “not very astute.” He is also said to be “newly religious.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “People who know the man have called him “eccentric,” “reclusive,” and “not very astute.” He is also said to be “newly religious.”

    Basically a whack job! Why even report this? This is not news.

  2. “”People who know the man have called him “eccentric,” “reclusive,” and “not very astute.” He is also said to be “newly religious.””

    -In other words, a nut job.

    As much as I detest the NK, I cannot help but wonder if this is an inside Israeli job to make the NK, and by extension, Charedim, look like traitors….

  3. Why are you compelled to make up a new word. This person is obviously a kook. But he is a Baal Tshuva.

    In America, there is no such thing as a “used car”. It is now called “pre-owned”. That’s what you just did. You took a Baal Tshuva and made him into a “newly religious jew”.

    Come on, lets call it what it is. Thanks


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