Neturei Karta Radicals Protest Against Netanyahu and Israel at White House

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neturei-karta-small1On the occasion of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, members of the radical Neturei Karta group gathered on Monday, May 18, in front of the White House to express “their disassociation from him, his state and all that it stands for.” Holding signs and Palestinian flags, they tried to portray to the world that the crowd of pro-Zionist demonstrators, also present that day, did not represent the position of faithful Jews everywhere.”We have come here to proclaim the true Jewish belief,” stated Boruch Fisch, who represents Neturei Karta International, a small organization based in New York which has been criticized by the greater frum community.

“The Almighty sent the Jews into exile nearly two thousand years ago, and commanded them to remain scattered around the world, living submissively under the gentile nations. The Talmud says that He warned them not to force their way back into the Holy Land and not to wage wars against any nation. For most of the past two thousand years, Jews have indeed obeyed the Almighty’s decree and kept to the terms of exile, through thick and thin,” said Fisch.

“But recently the Zionist movement arose to change that. They did exactly what the Almighty warned us not to do. They waged a war and conquered the Holy Land, in the process killing thousands and expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Aside from arousing the Almighty’s anger, they have brought the wrath of the Palestinians and the entire Arab and Muslim world upon the Jewish people. What pains us most is that this violation of the Almighty commands, murder and theft are being done in the name of the Jewish people, who want the exact opposite of all this. The Zionists call their state ‘Israel,’ but the world must know that they are not the true Jewish people. They have stolen the name and used it to commit their crimes,” Fisch continued.

“Today, when the leader of these heretics is here on a visit, true Jews, Jews who are faithful to the Creator and His Holy Torah, are here to tell the world that the Zionists’ use of the name ‘Israel’ is completely false! The true Jewish people are those Jews who live with Torah and faith, do not try to redeem themselves, but trust only in G-d and His redemption. The true Jewish people condemns as a crime the entire concept of stealing the land from the Palestinians, as well as all the oppressive consequences this theft has had for the Palestinians over the years. And,” he added in reference to the nearby pro-Zionist demonstrators, “it pains us that there are many Jews, even some religious ones, who fail to understand this.”

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  1. Wonderfull was life under Gentile nations; why not to change levushim and go serve in Voisko Polskoje(Polish Army)?–NATO ally, btw.
    P.S. One thing they are right.Rav Meir Shapiro, zy’a called upon Poilishe Yiddn in 1930 to raise money…for submarine.
    But in 1939 THAT submarine evaded the Soviets and Nazis, imach shmom, and got underwaters from Danzig to Porthmuth(base of the Royal Navy)!

  2. I truly believe that if the Neturai Karta were in Germany in 1939, they would have demonstrated on behalf of the Nazis against the secular Jews of Berlin who aren’t real Jews because they went to the theater and weren’t shomer Shabbos.

    What is the difference?!?!

    So what if the Zionists are secular. Does that mean you can demonstrate with the enemies of the Jews?!?!

  3. “it pains us that there are many Jews, even some religious ones, who fail to understand this.”

    and IT PAINS US THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE TRUE YAD HASHEM and advocate hatred, align with enemies of Israel and bring a tremendous chilul hashem to our holy nation.

  4. you can report the news but do u have to have a full page of qoutes???? These are people that “”moridim V’loh M’aalim””

  5. The smart thing would be not to report this as they get attention when you report it and these idiots don’t deserve to get any attention.

  6. If they are so in love with the Palestinians that they hold up their flags why not send them to Gaza for a visit. Kinda bet they won’t be accepted with open arms.

    Same people that hugged Ahmadinejad when he denied the Holocaust. They quote the Torah and Gemara yet don’t even understand the concept of Chillul Hashem.

    Next time their moronic actions should not be publicized so that the Jewish world does not have to suffer for their stupidity.

    When their Rebbe, years ago, first spoke out against the State of Israel because he believed that the time was not right for our return there, I am 1000% sure that this was not what he meant. These people are a disgrace to their religion, to their Rebbe, and most importantly to G-d.


  8. Naturei Karta are nutcases. They should not be supporting people who kill Jews.

    But you should know the Israelis are also nutcases who support the Pals. They give them guns and tanks and ammunition, money for their schools and they give land away to the Arabs.

    Don’t try to tell us that Israel is a Jewish state or that being for Torah and against this perversion called Medinat Israel is good. You brainwashed people need to open your eyes now!

    The biggest danger to Yidden in our time IS THE STATE OF ISRAEL. The koifers running the state are michallel kol ha Torah culo. The army throws Jews out of there homes and protects the Arabs. The drive on Shabbos and Yom Tov. They eat treif on Pesach and Yom Kippur. Who do you think you are fooling?

    Somebody wrote “So what if the Zionists are secular. Does that mean you can demonstrate with the enemies of the Jews?!?!”

    Yidden are not allowed to be secular! This is the cheit that’s keeping us in golus! They should all do tshuva or they will be destroyed. The tziyonim were the ones demonstrating with the Nazis against frum yidden, and the malshinim running this obscenity of a state are their zera ruchanit.

    The only part you got correct is that they should not demonstrate with enemies of Jews.

    We are not allowed to create a Jewish state, go learn some Torah. It’s not whether you think it was better in galus. This IS galus and it will be until H” decides to take us out of it, may it be immediately.


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