Neurologic Symptoms Found in 4 of 5 Hospitalized COVID Patients

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About 4 out of 5 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 suffer neurologic symptoms such as muscle pain, headaches, confusion, dizziness and the loss of smell or taste, new research shows.

The most severe condition listed was encephalopathy, “characterized by altered mental function ranging from mild confusion to coma,” said Igor Koralnik, the chief of neuro-infectious disease at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago and one of the study’s authors. The study outlined the frequency and severity of neurologic symptoms in 509 patients hospitalized for COVID-19  in the Chicago-based health system at the start of the pandemic.

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    • Neurological symptoms such as muscle pain, headaches, confusion, dizziness ARE from mask wearing. No honorable doctor will deny it. A doctor that denies it, probably regards coronavirus as a real virus too. Run away from such doctors immediately.

  1. These are the same symptoms that have been associated with the virus since it first hit the news. Just if you put “neurologic” in the headline, it’s more frightening because it sounds like some new, more serious effects are suddenly showing up. And “from mild confusion to coma,” is quite a range.


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