Trump Tweets: New Ami Magazine Poll Shows Orthodox Jewish Community Strongly Opposed to Impeachment


A new poll commissioned by Ami Magazine found that support for President Donald Trump remains high among Orthodox Jews, with 89% saying that they approve of the job he is doing.

The poll of 723 self-identified Orthodox Jews from across 15 states also found that 91% believed that, based on the evidence presented so far, President Trump should not be impeached.

Political identification varied widely, with 39.5% of the respondents saying that they are registered Republicans, 26% saying that they are Democrats, and 16.5% stating that they are registered independents.

When asked who they trust more to fight anti-Semitism, a whopping 92.5% said Trump and the Republicans, 6% were undecided, and only 1.5% said Pelosi and the Democrats.


  1. anonymous anonymous= absolutely what to celebrate here!!!! we need to publicize that overwhelming majority of shomrei torah u’mitzvos support our great President and not eiruv rav reshaim like- schiff,nadler,schumer,etc.etc.!


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