New Automobiles Required to Include New Warning Light on Dashboards


warning-lightDo you recognize the symbol here? It lights up in your instrument panel and looks like a U-shaped pictograph with treads and an exclamation point in the middle.

Do you understand what it means now? 

If you guessed a low tire-pressure warning, you are right. If you didn’t recognize the symbol, that’s also understandable because one out of three drivers do not, according to Schrader, a company that makes tire pressure monitoring systems.

The warning for the TPMS lights up when one or more of your vehicle’s tires is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. The system is now required on all vehicles starting with the 2008 model year.

The issue here seems to be that the public hasn’t been properly educated on the warning symbol, which is supposed to be “idiot proof” and understandable across a wide variety of cultures and languages. Yet 46% of drivers couldn’t figure out that the icon represents a tire and 14% thought the symbol represented another problem with the vehicle entirely, according to Schrader.

As we said earlier in the week, properly inflated tires are vitally important to your safety. Low pressure will affect your braking, acceleration, stability, cornering and fuel economy. The government instituted the TPMS mandate after the Bridgestone/Firestone tire failures on the Ford Explorer in 2000, a controversy that was partly attributed to inadequately inflated tires.



  1. i can tell you from experience that these lights are a pain in the neck.Half the time they go on its the sensor that is no good and the tire is fine.

  2. #2 You are right. Why cant thay make all the sensors in the car last as long as the car itself ?!! Its a scam I tell you,a scam between the car producers and the repair guys. You think im crazy, Im not. If you dont want to belive me then dont, but trust me its true Im telling you…

  3. In my Toyota Sienna, the tire pressure light went on once and hasn’t shut since. So all I do is ignore it… what’s the point of it?

  4. Had I known what this light meant I would have done what I was suppose to and had the tires checked. Sadly I didn’t and on our way to another town we had a blow out. After changing the tire, the light is still on, which probably means the other tires need looking at. I’m actually thankful for warnings like this, being that I am a girl of not much knowledge of that kind of stuff.


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