New Bobov-45 Yishuv in Union, New Jersey

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This month Bobov-45 will be launching a new yishuv in Union, New Jersey to address the growing problems of space constraints as well as other problems with living in the city.

Many families are expected to move into the development and there will be an Asifa on Monday to discuss the new development. Registration is required in advance for the Asifa.

The new development will boast many features and has been suggested and supported with the brocha of the Bobov-45 Rebbe shlita since the beginning.

Because of its out of town location but relative closeness to New York City, there are many job opportunities for the members of this new community to take advantage of.
Union is minutes away from Elizabeth, New Jersey which boasts eateries like a pizza store and Chinese restaurant.


  1. Isn’t there a Yeshiva Gedolah there already, Yeshiva Zichron Leima under the leadership of Rabbi Gershon Neuman and Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg Shlita?

    • Yes. The Yeshiva Zichron Layma is in Union, NJ. There is a small group of families trying to build around the Yeshiva. Bobov45 is in a different neighborhood around 5 minute drive away.
      Union is one of the safest towns in NJ and in the top 50 places to live in the US.
      It is right next to Elizabeth and Springfield with a kosher grocery in Elizabeth and the local stores carry kosher products.
      Passaic is around 20 minutes away.
      For more information about the litvish/Yeshiva community email

  2. How typical for a Matzav article to point out irrelevant details.
    “Elizabeth, NJ… boasts eateries like pizza and Chinese…” And THAT is probably what was the major tipping point in selecting Union as the location, right? The Bobov45 oilem is not one who looks at eateries as any consideration, if anything, it’s a deterrent. This is an oilem that boasts refinement, and the concept of Hatzne’a Lechet – eating out (especially in a pizza joint) does not jive with that way of life.

    • Before commenting about the eateries in Elizabeth, I suggest you visit them. There are several factors that make them far superior to anything offered in Brooklyn.

      1. Quality of the food surpasses Brooklyn. This includes the pizza, the Chinese, and the fleishig takeout.
      2. All three of these establishments exist next to each other, pizza across the street from the other two. There is zero competition. A taste of good midos.
      3. The hashgocho is very real. The Rav hamachshir is Rav Teitz. He visits these establishments several times a week, besides each having a mashgiach tmidi. How much of that can be said of Brooklyn establishments?
      4. All three have tables where customers can sit to eat. Yet, none of these has ever become a hangout. It is perfectly compatible with a chassidishe person to patronize them, even to sit down.
      5. Prices are lower than Brooklyn, and there is excellent service.
      6. Rav Teitz has hashgocho on the business practices of these establishments. So besides kashrus of the food itself, the business is conducted with kashrus, full adherence to halachos related to running a business. No shenanigans.

      Check out these places. I may not be from the restaurant goers, and Bobov 45 might also not be. But the implication that there is a “way of life” there that is inconsistent with chassidus is simply not true. I’ve been there, and was extremely impressed.

  3. Come to טאמס ריווער. Land is almost free and there are plenty of ‘gourmet eateries’ in nearby Lakewood!

  4. Great news. Kol Hakovod
    Klausenberg has been there for years, but it never took off
    Hopefully this will take off and help alleviate the pain of those that are packed in small apartments and can’t afford housing.
    Ultimately this is a “toiveh” for all of us
    Hatzlocho to Bobov-45 and yaasher koach to the askonim

  5. Wait a minute. The mosrim are going to scream AIVA! Just like in Jersey City, who gives an ehrliche Yid a right to purchase a home in a goyishe neighborhood? We must stay in our little ghetto’s. We must not daven with a minyan. We must keep our mosdos under lock & key. The goyim will hate us if we move.

      • Not a single person. B”H no one on our block died from Coronavirus. No one from the 2 Shuls I daven in were nifter, B”H. There are a couple of OCD paranoid schizophrenic worry-warts who live near us but they locked themselves in their house and only talk to their children and ainiklach from their 3rd floor porch as they make their own family members stand in the sun like dogs. I guess they feel they will live forever. Nebach. Such miserable people. For babies like you who are petrified of their own shadow and want to impose your chesronos on everyone else, I say, go fly a kite (lashon naki).
        Scared? STAY HOME!

  6. Klausenberg is in Union City- a different area -about 16-17 miles away This is 5 miles from Linden Where there is a Kossoner Shul & about 70-100 families moved there over the last few years

  7. klal yisruel wishes them hatzlucha, elizabeth has a grocery & yidish doctors – and a few chushiva rabunim and a yeshiva also a massive kollel

    linden is also not faar


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