New Book Reveals FDR Laughed At ‘Kikes’ Remark

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt “laughed” at a senior aide’s remark about “kikes,” according to a new book by the former New York Times editor Joseph Lelyveld.

In the newly released book, “His Final Battle, the last months of Franklin Roosevelt,” Lelyveld reveals that after FDR met with the Saudi Arabian king in 1945, senior adviser Charles Bohlen remarked, “If you put any more kikes in Palestine, he is going to kill them.” Roosevelt “laughed” at Bohlen’s remark. The anecdote appears in a previously unpunished draft of Bohlen’s autobiography.

Dr. Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, said the “kikes” anecdote is “consistent with President Roosevelt’s own private remark about ‘Hebraic noses’ and his grandson’s statement that FDR enjoyed telling ‘anti-Semitic stories,’ complete with ‘Jewish’ accents.” An essay by Medoff chronicling the history of anti-Semitism among U.S. presidents will appear in the forthcoming book “From Anti-Semitism to Anti-Zionism,” edited by Professor Eunice G. Pollack. JNS.ORG



  1. What was so bad about him laughing about such a remark? The laugh could be understood in more than one way.

    Is a President not allowed to laugh?

    It is time to focus on more substantive things, rather than questionable trivialities taken out of context.

  2. Even though he showed himself to be an anti-Smite, Hitler called him “Rosenfeld,” intimating that he was also Jewish, to inspire the German people to hate him, too.

  3. This can’t possibly be true. It’s only those evil white racist Republicans that can be Anti Semitic. ALL Democrats are very sensitive to all religions, but especially the Jews. Please remove this slanderous report.


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