New Chocolate Dipped Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly Are Cholov Stam


chocolate-covered-jelly-bellyJelly Belly has introduced its new Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips. Its Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, Coconut and Raspberry jelly beans are now covered in dark chocolate. Says Jelly Belly about its new chocolate products: “It’s a taste sensation like nothing before! No flavor combination is quite as decadent as juicy fruit smothered in rich dark chocolate.”

To preserve freshness, 2.1 lb cases will be packed as 12 individually-sealed 2.8 oz. bags.

All Jelly Belly Chocolate Confections are Kosher Dairy certified by the Orthodox Union. For more information visit:



  1. It wouldve been better to title this that they are MILCHIG, BUT NOT CHOLOV YISROEL – why lean towards negativity?

  2. Please also consult your Rav about the “Confectionaers Glaze” in the ingredients of this and other candied products, as some Poskim advise staying away from this ingredient.


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