New Company Will Give Loan For Wedding and You Only Pay It Back If You Get Divorced R”L

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According to, a company in Seattle will give you a loan for your wedding of up to $10,000 and you don’t have to pay it back unless you get divorced, r”l. Then you owe them the money, plus interest.

The CEO of SwanLuv says they ran the numbers, and they can be profitable with this model. He says, “It comes back to statistics. We have the right odds so we’ll be okay.” But he thinks the the odds aren’t too crazy, so people will still bite.

When you apply, they’ll evaluate how strong a couple you are. Then they base the amount of the loan and your interest rate off that. There will also be other clauses, like if the marriage ends because of one party, that party has to pay the full amount.




  1. This sounds like a liability time-bomb.
    Good luck sticking fault to one of the parties.
    And loan plus interest means the longer you actually remain married before getting divorced, the more you’ll have to reimburse them?
    Sounds ridiculous.

  2. Great business idea. We live in a society of Now, i’m sure many people would risk their house for a chance to get free 10k now.
    Im sure the interest rate will be one of the largest so that loan will double just about every 4-5 years.

  3. they should make a jewish company like this without interest to help the shidduch crisis it would help knowing that you can get married not because the other part will pay for your expenses but because you actually are compatible for this person

  4. I would Pool 10 newlyweds together and make the first two divorces paid for by the other participants and after that everyone is on their own…… In our community its an easy money maker


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