New Cristoli Virus Discovered In Paris Using Coronavirus Technique

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French scientists have discovered a new virus in a hospital just outside of Paris using the same technique used to identify the coronavirus behind the Covid-19 pandemic, though they say there is no reason to suspect it will lead to a similar health crisis.

The virus was discovered in a 58-year-old woman from Paris who died of encephalitis – a swelling of the brain – in 2019 and has been named “Cristoli virus” after the Paris suburb of Créteil where it was identified.

But researchers say it is too early to tell to what extent the virus was responsible as the patient had several severe underlying conditions.

“At the moment, we have only one case to describe. Obviously, if other cases are diagnosed in the future, we will be able to have a slightly more precise idea of the clinical picture associated with this disease. “

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  1. The Corona virus bluff doesn’t work anymore, so they need to come up with Cristoli virus, a shinuy hashem, to continue deceiving the naive sheeple.

    • Are you a believer in the entity whose name sounds like this new virus? That would explain a lot about your posting activity.


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