NEW ELECTIONS? Likud Will Reportedly Dissolve Current Knesset Tomorrow


MK and ministers from the Likud faction were asked to show up at the Knesset tomorrow to vote to dismiss the current Knesset.

“Hello everyone, Please be at tomorrow at 16:00 in the plenum to vote on the Knesset Dispersion Law. Attendance is mandatory. There are no excuses and no absences. Please confirm!” the message sent to the faction said.

The message appears to signal the end of negotiations to form a new coalition following last month’s Knesset elections.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Please correct the Headline,
    They will began the process tomorrow, but it takes a few days for it to pass. Thus, they can stop the process if Liberman changes his mind before the deadline of forming the coalition.
    The Likud wants to start the process already, in order to prevent Gantz from trying to form a coalition when Natanyahu fails.

  2. Lieberman is like an old time rasha mirusha who’s main goal in life is to fight the Torah Hakdosha. This Russian pork eating drunk will fall by the wayside just like all our enemies throughout history. It’s a shame he got out of Russia.

  3. Lieberman is doing this on purpose and in full awareness of the consequences. He knows that the one issue, besides shemiras Shabbos (which isn’t a hot button issue anywhere other than Tel Aviv) on which the chareidim have virtually no wiggle room is the draft law and that’s why he’s digging in his heels.

    He is fighting them and no one else, may he live and be well but fall politically so hard he doesn’t know what hit him.


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