New European Parliament President Tells Rabbis He Will Protect Jewish Practices and Fight Antisemitism

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The new president of the European Parliament told a delegation of European rabbis and community leaders on Monday that he would protect Jewish practices and fight antisemitism.

Certain Jewish customs have been under considerable pressure in Europe, especially kosher slaughter and circumcision. Many outspoken activists consider kosher slaughter a form of animal abuse and circumcision a form of mutilation. There have been attempts to ban both practices in several European countries.

The delegation, led by Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt of Moscow, president of the Conference of European Rabbis, was told by European Parliament President David Sassoli that he would continue to protect Jewish practices, as well as combat the rise of antisemitism on the continent.

Goldschmidt stated, “Our institutions are hundreds of years old. Our food preparation and circumcision practices are governed by our communities in accordance with EU regulation.”

“These practices are for the sole benefit of our own communities and we are proud of our high standards,” he added.

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  1. David Sassoli is an Italian Leftist and a good person. But the European Parliament has little power and his own center left bloc only has about 20 percent of the seats.


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