New Girls School, Shiras Chaim, Set to Open in Lakewood

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schoolbooksLakewood, NJ – Due to the phenomenal number of new applicants to girls’ elementary schools in Lakewood this year, with very few slots remaining in existing mosdos, askanim have recognized a desperate need for another option for Lakewood parents.

Tremendous enthusiasm has been expressed by parents in anticipation of the establishment of Shiras Chaim Girls School, a new mosad for chinuch habanos that will educate bnos Yisroel al pi derech Yisroel saba. The esteemed Mrs. B. C. Versicherter, who will serve as the menaheles, brings years of experience in chinuch habanos as a beloved, veteran morah at Tiferes Bais Yaakov in Lakewood.

For more information regarding primary applications for the upcoming school year, call Rabbi Moshe Dovid Perlstein at 732.905.5353.

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  1. Question:

    The phrase: educate bnos Yisroel al pi derech Yisroel Saba implies the method of teaching is one that Yidden have employed since Yaacov Avinu.
    Yet the mass schooling of girls, the bais Yaacov movement only began 100 years ago!

  2. For thousands of years mothers gave over to their daughters. The concept of BeDerech Yisroel Saba means how your mother would have given it over to you as it has been done in Yisrael for a long time this and is not a reference to Yakov Avinu. It implies that what will be taught will not run counter to what has been taught in houses that have a mesorah. Unlike some other nouveau schools who think that girls should be boys.

  3. Great news, we need more schools in town! I have a girl in third grade and planned to send my next daughter there as well but now I am strongly considering this new option.

  4. Rabbi Perlstein is both extremely talented at what he does and a tzaddik gamur. May he be zocheh to be maamad talmidos l’alafos, and be marbeh kevod shamayim in a very big offen!

  5. As a neighbor of the Perlstien family i can attest to his unbelievable dedication and committment to being helpful in every situation, unusually intuitive to everybody’s needs and exceptional kindness. I wish him much hatzlocha in this new endevour!


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