New Hampshire Primary: Trump Defeats Haley, Fueling His Drive Toward G.O.P. Nomination

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Former President Trump has won the New Hampshire primaries, further solidifying his position as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2024.

This triumph follows his win at the Iowa caucuses.

The outcome in New Hampshire holds notable implications, particularly for former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, whose presidential aspirations were contingent on a robust performance in the first-in-the-nation primary. The setback for Haley is evident as Trump’s success in New Hampshire deals a blow to her political ambitions.

In the broader context, the New Hampshire primary evolved into a direct competition between Trump and Haley after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis decided to suspend his campaign on Sunday. Despite Haley securing the endorsement of New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, Trump intensified his efforts to undermine her momentum as the primary approached.

Having clinched the Iowa caucuses with a commanding 30-percentage-point lead and sweeping victories across almost all demographic groups, Trump’s dominance was palpable. However, New Hampshire presented a different electoral landscape, boasting a more diverse voter base and fewer evangelical voters. This dynamic made the Granite State a crucial test of Trump’s appeal to a broader spectrum of less conservative voters.

Haley, buoyed by a surge in momentum and high-profile endorsements in the final stages of the campaign, aimed to leverage her popularity among the state’s independent voters. These independent voters, eligible to participate in the primary of their choice, were a key demographic that Haley sought to court. Additionally, she hoped to gain support from voters who had previously backed former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a significant presence in the primary race before exiting this month.

Looking ahead, the campaign now shifts its focus to Nevada, which is set to host a Republican caucus on Feb. 8. Trump has expressed his desire to secure the Republican nomination by Super Tuesday on March 5.



  1. Why does the transparent Biden refuse to debate Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips??? Why are they denying me my rights?

  2. Haley is either extremely dumb if she doesn’t understand that she has absolutely no chance of winning the presidency and is wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars,
    or she’s a plant to see how many Trump haters there are.


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