New Information Supports Attempted Murder Claim For Terrorist


חננו 827 פייסבוק1On Monday, June 22 the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the terrorist who stabbed two Jewish youths in a terror attack on the eve of Shavuos in Yerushalayim will remain in remand until the end of proceedings.

At the Monday, June 22 deliberation the Attorney General’s office presented information to the court which strengthens the claim that the terrorist intended to murder Jews: screen shots of posts which the terrorist posted on his Facebook page in which martyrs (shahid) are lauded, knife attacks are praised and there are calls for injuring Jews, taking revenge, returning to the days of the Intifada and similar acts.

However, despite this information, the Attorney General’s office continues to insist that the terrorist did not intend to murder and has charged him with aggravated assault, not attempted murder. Honenu has also become aware that the terrorist has a criminal record.

Honenu is representing one of the stabbed youths as a victim of a terror attack and following the presentation by the Attorney General’s office demanded that the indictment be corrected so that the terrorist is charged with attempted murder.

Honenu attorney Menasheh Yado stated, “The Attorney General’s office itself understands that the terrorist posted inciteful material on his Facebook page before he carried out the attack, which indicates that he intended to murder Jews. Not charging him with attempted murder is an unreasonable failure which is liable to encourage other terrorists to carry out their plots with the knowledge that they will not be severely penalized. We hope that the Attorney General’s office comes to its senses and corrects the charge in the indictment.”

חננו 825 דקירה
חננו 827 פייסבוק2חננו 827 פייסבוק1

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