New Jersey Gym That Defied Coronavirus Lockdown Has License Rescinded

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A New Jersey gym that refused to comply with the state’s coronavirus policy has lost its license after the owners repeatedly defied a state order to remain closed while the pandemic continues, Fox News reports.

The Bellmawr Borough Council voted 5 to 1 to rescind the business license of Atilis Gym after owners Frank Trumbetti, 51, and Ian Smith, 33, continued to defy orders from the governor that all gyms must remain closed due to the coronavirus.

Trumbetti and Smith, who opened the gym Wednesday morning despite the license being rescinded Tuesday evening, were arrested earlier this month after they broke into the gym, which had been boarded up by authorities.

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    • political? how about dont follow health requirements lose your permit? is it political when a restaurant loses its permit for not cleaning/sanitizing dishes

  1. The local police originally announced publicly that they would not enforce the governors order. Seemingly the Bellmawr Borough Council is afraid to take a stand in support of small businesses.

    • somebody’s business rights stop where another person rights begin. nobody has the right to become an epicenter of pandemic 2.0

    • sure spit on the suffering of jews who lived under real suffering. by belittling what kinda real tyranny the ussr stood for!

  2. If they stay closed like they were ordered, they wouldn’t have a business either-so by trying to keep it open,with threat of losing their liscence, has more hope than not keeping it opened,- they have nothing to lose, by trying to keep it open.


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