New Jersey Sen. Booker Says He’s Backing Iran Nuclear Deal

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cory-bookerSen. Cory Booker of New Jersey is the latest Democrat to announce his support for the Iran nuclear deal.

He’s siding with President Barack Obama despite home-state pressures to say “no,” the AP reports.

Booker says in a statement that the deal is flawed, but the alternative is worse.

On Wednesday, Senate Democrats clinched the needed votes to uphold Obama’s veto, if necessary, of a resolution of disapproval that Republicans are trying to pass this month.

Booker becomes the 35th Democratic or independent senator to back the deal.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. Yidden! I urge you to register to vote as a Republican or an Independent. If you’re presently registered as a DemocRat, re-register. Send these back stabbers a clear message that we are fed up with their pandering to us when they need us to get elected but all it is is lip service. It is so obvious. Go online to Google and find voter registration for your state. The politicians will clearly notice. Do it now!!!

  2. So Matzav has shown their immature stupidity in their attempt to cover up comments they’re to dumb to understand. You are just as bad as those other PC websites.

  3. Sad thing is with his ingenuous smile and phony charisma he will win back the Jewish vote when it’s time for his reelection.


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