New Jersey Targets Indoor Dining, Bars, Casinos Amid Rising COVID-19 Rates

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will announce new restrictions Monday afternoon amid a spike in COVID-19 positivity.

The positivity rate has ticked up to 6%, and the numbers have been going up across the Tri-State area.

Murphy told CNBC Monday morning that he “will take some steps,” described as “tweaking our parameters at the edges,” to help curb rising coronavirus case.

“They wont come close to what we were doing in the spring,” he said. “This is not a lockdown.”

Murphy will announce that restaurants must close by 10 p.m., seating will be banned at indoor bars, and establishments will be prohibited from serving food and alcohol between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

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  1. “They wont come close to what we were doing in the spring,” he said. “This is not a lockdown.”


    No crazy ideas. If Matzav wasn’t telling us about these restrictions I never would have known they are in effect.

    When was the last time your were in a restaurant after 10:00 or at an indoor bar?

    And now you know that if you go to a sheva brochas in a restaurant it will be over by 10:00… Gevaldik!

  2. So they found more elite corona criminals in NJ who are dangerous to the public as they can retaliate while they’re being pursued.

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