New Jersey To Require Masks Outdoors

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) announced Wednesday that the state will require facial coverings for all outdoor settings where social distancing is not possible, building on an earlier order that required face masks for indoor public spaces.

“There’s no question that face coverings are game changers. I think we were the first state in America to require them indoors; they’ve been strongly recommended out of doors. We’re going to turn that up a notch today and say we’re going to ask you if you can’t socially distance then it’s going to be required,” Murphy told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

New Jersey was an early hotspot for the virus along with New York, but despite a recent decline in case its infection rate hit a 10-week high this week, according to NBC New York. New Jersey has required masks indoors since April.

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  1. Thank you to the governor to have the courage to take this step and enforce mask use. Were protecting ourselves and the most vulnerable among us!

    • 3:23pm, where was your dear-leader’s courage during the BLM “peaceful protests”, or do you believe that covid19 is the most “politically correct” virus that targets exclusively the law-abiding middle-class?! Obviously, the covid19 epidemic is over in NJ, with exclusion of local outbreaks, which are impossible to stop anyway; and judging from Murphy’s approval of the BLM mass-infection, it is obvious that Murphy agrees that there is no more any medical need for the shutdown; therefore, Murphy is pursuing his fascist power trip, and useful idiots such as you are his enablers.

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