New Kosher App Lets You Scan Hechsher Symbols To Give You Information About The Hashgacha

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  1. There is a Brachos App in Play store. It is called Brachos – Jewish Blessings. It is an excellent app. You can search, and even email for an item not listed.

  2. hechsher info? what could they say, more than a phone number and a name which to the avg frum consumer mean nothing. I think that i am a knowledgeable frum customer who shops often in KRM. there are 8 different shechitos in the meat dept. with common hechshrim can anyone tell me the difference between them? i have no idea . can u tell me the diff in kashrus between heinz ketchup and gefen ? or hellmans and ungers? my point is that even if there is the consumer has no way of knowing

  3. We are waiting for the day the kosher agencies use bar codes to track their product and date codes to see which plant that product was made in to insure that the product is actually produced in a certified facility. When that happens the consumer can scan the bar code to make sure that the product is certified and a pop up would tell you which date code to look for. Such as an M in the date code alerting you that it comes from their Maryland plant.
    Having UPC codes would keep track of all the different sizes as well. There are times that the 10 oz may be certified but not the 15 oz. Each UPC represents a different size and then the consumer along with the certifying agencies would have a better handle on maintaining integrity of their mark.

  4. I use the CRC app to check hechsherim. Has come in handy numerous times when I go shopping and don’t recognize a hashgacha or let’s me know which foods I can by that doesn’t need one at all.


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