New Law Enshrines Halacha

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A revised draft of the proposed Nation State Bill which aims to give Israel a Jewish character would require courts to adjudicate “in light of the principles of halacha” in cases where there is no current law or legal precedent, Haaretz reported.

A basic law from 1980 requires judges to rely on “the principles from Jewish heritage of liberty, justice, fairness and peace” when existing law or case precedent are insufficient, but does not mention the word halacha.

In response to secular criticism, proponents of the bill said it would only promote “principles” and not actual details of halacha and it would be modified by Israel’s basic law,which stresses Israel’s character as a “Jewish and democratic” state.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Guard the pace of society.

    We need more Torah, we need benevolent worth and we need kosher values.

    In enforcing halacha, we might win or lose. The proponent of the orthodox war against the unaffiliated and abomination seeking reform may gain slightly if Orthodoxy is seen to war minded.

    We might get our goals, but it is up to Israel to keep Israel kosher.

    More must be seen.

  2. The last paragraph says it all. They have absolutely no intentions using the “new law – in light of the principles of halacha” if it goes against their “Democratic” read: “Lawless and G-dless” state.


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