New Law Removes Words ‘Negro’ and ‘Oriental’ from Federal Jargon

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President Obama has signed legislation striking outdated racial terms such as “Oriental” and “Negro” from federal laws, THE HILL reports.

Obama signed the bill without fanfare on Friday along with six other pieces of legislation, the White House said.

Thanks to the new law, references to the term “Oriental” will be replaced with “Asian American” and the word “Negro” will be changed to “African American.” THE HILL



  1. What if someone has a very dark skin, but not of African ancestry, such as Australian Aborigines?! What if someone is of African ancestry, but is Caucasian, such as North Africans?! What if someone is of the African sub Saharan ancestry, but is not American?! Either get rid of the governmental racial classifications, or use accurate terminology. The libs will never get rid of the racial divisions and classifications though, as this divide and conquer tactic is their source of power.

  2. Once you changed the definition of marriage, this is just a natural progression.

  3. Oriental is not racial
    Look it up in the dictionary. It’s the opposite of occidental. One means eastern the other western. I am from NY therefore I am occidental, if you are from China you are oriental.
    Apparently being PC is synonymous with being a moron.

  4. Besides medical and genetic issues which can hardly be regulated by law, I wonder why should anyone care about the colour of someone’s skin, and more specifically, why should federal laws.

  5. To “Liberals are racists”. I met in the USA a gentleman, dual citizenship Nigeria and UK, dark-skinned, and highly qualified in his profession with a Ph. D. and various other degrees from big-name institutions in UK and Europe. The harassment of secretaries and other university staff who, among other things, kept filing false complaints, convinced this talented and intelligent scientist and human being to pack and leave. The racists were hardly white male professors of high socioeconomical status, and in addition, they were too stupid and ignorant to be aware that there is a whole continent, called Africa, where most (not all) people have very dark skin, without that implying they are ignorant, poor, or unaware of how to use the toilet – which if anything, was the case in Harlem not in Lagos.


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